About Nick Farone Ministries


A professional singer since he was 18 years old, Nick Farone always felt there was something missing in his life. In 1974 he began signing at the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City for Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and for the New York City Opera with Beverly Sills. He noticed a very big difference in the feeling he had inside when he sang on Sunday in church compared to the feeling he had when singing on stage at the Opera. “What joy, peace, and fulfillment I feel when I sing for God,” he said.

Nick continued to advance himself in the entertainment world headlining in Night Clubs to standing ovations of 2,600 people at the Concord Hotel in the Catskills Mountains, recording a record that was a Pick in Record World in 1978. Even then one of the songs he recorded was called, “She Sings for Free,” about a girl who sings on Sundays for the Lord, because she sings for the One she adores. Nick just could not deny the special feeling he had when singing for the Lord.

Moving on Nick entered the world of Soap Operas and became a familiar face on General Hospital, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, All My Children, and Edge of Night for 10 years. He continued singing on Sundays and was now singing in different churches of all denominations. Nick began to notice God was using his singing to touch people who are looking for something that is missing in their lives. He now realized that something is Jesus Christ.

On Easter Sunday 1979, amidst uncontrollable tears, joy, and happiness, Nick met His Lord Jesus in a very special way and accepted Him into his heart as his personal Savior. He asked the Lord what he could do to serve Him and the Lord said one word, “Sing.”

Nick’s ministry in music now blesses those across the country and the world as he shares his testimony in churches. After traveling in full time ministry for seven years God called him and his wife Sandy to settle in Bastrop, Louisiana and start a work for Inner City Youth. That work became the largest work for Youth in the city and has been recognized by former President George Bush and former Governor Dave Treen as being a Pilot Program for other states to follow.

After nearly 20 years of inner city ministry and faithful service to the city of Bastrop the facility was forced to close due to a collaped storm drain destroying the entire parking lot and damaging several buildings. After fighting for 7 years to repair and restore the New Beginings campus Nick and Sandy are re-oppening the Youth Center and delegating it's latest work to another faithful couple while they resume their traveling ministry.

Nick and his wife Sandy have ministerd all over the United States as well as accross the world in China, Germany, Italy, and Sicily rejoicing every day in seeing lives changed by the power and miracles of Christ.