New Beginnings

Starting in an old bar and pool hall on July 4, 1994 that was given to New Beginnings to use rent free, for two years, we reached over 550 children from the streets. In October of 1995, looking out of the window of the old bar, Rev. Nick Farone was given a vision by our Lord. He saw a rundown funeral home, across the street,  as a Worship Center for Youth. Across the street from the funeral home was a dangerous and rowdy bar, but Rev. Farone saw it as a Family Restaurant run by Youth. Across from the bar was an old run down tin building, but Rev. Farone saw it as a Youth Center. Next to the tin building was another overgrown vacant lot, but he saw a Playground and Basketball Court with young people playing and having fun. He saw another vacant lot on the corner as a park of some kind. Up from the funeral home sat a vacant two story house that God let him see as a Home for Wayward Youth. and finally next to the two story house was a two story State Office Building which Rev. Farone saw as a School for children. On December 26, 1996 New Beginnings was given the funeral home as a Worship Center, the Tin Building as a Youth Center, the vacant lots as playgrounds, and the two story house as a Youth House to the work of New Beginnings Home Mission. On April 2, 1997 New Beginnings was given the bar and part of the vacant lot across the street to be made into a Family Restaurant for the work of the Home Mission. On April 29, 1997 New Beginnings was given the rest of the vacant lot across the street as a park that is now a Putt Putt Golf Course run by the Youth. On February 23, 2000 the State Building was purchased for New Beginnings to be made into a school. In the past nine Years four of the five parts of the vision have been completed. Over the years New Beginnings has reached over 1000 young people. It now has 173 registered Youth at the Youth Center. Many of the Youth now have jobs in the community, have become leaders at the Center, and one even went on to College taking criminal law and getting his Bachelors and Masters Degrees. New Beginnings now has a Youth Ensemble that travels the country ministering for Jesus in various churches.